Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Mechanism of Action of CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Amidst all the controversies that have surrounded the cannabis plant, CBD has stood the test of time and after all this while you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of it. CBD oil benefits have been discovered by researchers and attested by avid users of it. It is very calming to know that you can manage your whole health using one natural product and that is CBD oil. There was a lot of stigma in the past for people who used marijuana and any product that is related to it such as CBD. The good news is that the stigma is no more and a lot of people are warming up to CBD so that they can harvest all the good that is in it. All that said, the mechanisms of CBD and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body is very interesting.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors and chemicals that are present in the main parts of the body such as the brain, glands, immune system and others. The ECS is responsible for creating stability and balance in the body. The endocannabinoid system controls moods, sleep, memory, appetite, mood, anxiety, stress and other emotional and cognitive functions of the body. CBD balm works effectively with the ECS to control pain in the body and other functions such as inflammation.

How Does CBD and The Endocannabinoid System Work?

The human body produces natural cannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2) which are also known as endocannabinoids that are similar to those in the cannabis plant CBD and THC. Scientists have said time and again that the endocannabinoid system is a complex physiological system that is yet to be understood than it already has. That said, the ECS is said to the strongest connection between the human body and the mind.

There are more than a hundred different types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant but the most popular ones are THC and CBD. The reason behind this is that they have the ability to affect the endocannabinoid system similarly to how endocannabinoids do. The research that is mostly available on cannabinoids is CBD oil benefits and those of THC and not so much on how exactly the ECS and cannabinoids work. When CBD is used with other types of natural oils such as terpenes, they create an enhanced therapeutic effect that is called a synergistic effect.

The receptors CB1 and CB2 are found in different parts of the body, which makes it easier for cannabinoids to effectively work with them. CB1 is found in the nervous system, the brain and connective tissues while CB2 is found in tonsils, spleen and white blood cells. These receptors work with cannabinoids and endocannabinoids to maintain stability and balance in the body. Sadly, CBD has a very low chemistry with either of these receptors. Not to worry though, CBD balm, has different path ways in which it releases its benefits. In a study that was conducted to determine how CBD works, there were instances that were used as examples to showcase the effects of CBD. One of the examples was how CBD oil fights breast cancer, the study showed that CBD treats cancer by reducing and destroying a gene called ID-1 that is linked to some of the most hostile types of cancer. The other example looked at how CBD reduced pain and inflammation. It was shown that CBD activates the GPR55 which is responsible for pain and inflammation therefore effectively reducing them. CBD was also said to initiate receptor the 5-HT1A that is responsible in treatment of depression, anxiety and neuroprotective effects.

These are some of the ways in which CBD oil benefits can be achieved. In as much as it does not affect the main receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBD works effectively with other receptors to ensure a balance in the functions of the body. All the benefits of CBD have not yet been discovered given that there still a lot of research to be done. CBD is gaining more and more popularity in different countries of the world which puts more pressure on scientist to have it figured out.
CBD is very helpful especially in cases where pharmaceutical drugs have failed or overpowered a patient and they cannot be used anymore. This is a lot to go by because other countries such as the UK have recognized the benefits of CBD balm and are weighing the options of making a prescribed medical drug in hospitals.

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